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Usually our programs are held September through June on the fourth Sunday of the month at 11:00 am.  

The starred dates (*) are different to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Meeting dates for the 2023-2024 program year are:

Sep 24 - Stash Sale

Oct 29 - History and Craft of Broom Making with Alissa Kaplan Soto

Nov 19* - "Narrow, but Not Limited" inkle loom by Annie MacHale - Zoom

Dec 10*St. Fleecia Day Party - in person, location in newsletter

Jan 28 - Using Your Handsun Yarn with Kira Dulaney

Feb 10 (Sat) - Field Trip: Tour of Valley Oak Wool Mill with Marcail McWilliams

Feb 25 - "Grazed and Woven" with Emily Robinson and Sarah Keiser

Mar 9 (Sat) - Workshop: Band weaving with Emily Robinson

Mar 24 - Medieval Distaff Spinning with Siobhan Harlakenden

Apr 13 (Sat) - Workshop: Vegetarian Sheepskin with Siobhan Halakenden

Apr 21* - Field Trip: Meridian Jacobs with Robin Lynde

May 19* - "Road to Uzbekistan" with Kathy Schwartz and Amy Kuhlmann

Jun 23Sit Some, Spin Some, Snack Some, Yak Some - location TBA

Jul & Aug - summer break


Demonstrations, classes, workshops and other fiber events.  

Please see our "Get Involved" page for demo details.

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