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S&F turned 50 in 2005


Directions to Fairmont Clubhouse

715 Lexington Ave,
El Cerrito:

From El Cerrito Plaza BART Station, walk north along the BART greenway path or Liberty Street. There is a small playground at Liberty and Eureka. Turn left at the turtle, go one block, and turn right on Lexington.






Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild

Annual Stash Sale and Summer Tales
Guild Meeting

September 28, 11:00 AM

Fairmont Clubhouse
715 Lexington Ave, El Cerrito

See the sidebar for a map to the clubhouse and detailed directions.

Bring your excess stash to sell and your summer stories to our first meeting of the program year. 

Please mark your excess fiber, tools, books and equipment with the price you’d like along with your name.  Fiber should be labeled with content and, if possible, weight.  Tables will be available and we can expand outside if necessary and weather cooperates.  Spindles & Flyers requests a donation of 10% of your sales, but feel free to contribute more, up to 100% of items sold.  Contributions support our guild programs and activities.

New spinners and non-members are especially welcome.  Those who are oversupplied will be more than willing to help fill someone else’s stash with great stuff.  Fiber vendors and suppliers are also welcome with the understanding that they bring things of interest to spinners and contribute 10% of sales to our guild.

Treasurer Wendy asks that you mail your dues check rather than bring it to meeting so she can spend time shopping and talking.

See more about our guild on our Facebook page:


  • No longer wanted fiber, tools, books, equipment, etc. to sell, labeled with seller’s name, asking price and fiber content
  • Garage sale type items of interest to spinners
  • Cash and check book for buying treasures
  • Good stories from this summer
  • Lunch
  • Mug for coffee or tea
  • Dues:  $30 check payable Spindles & Flyers
  • Members information / address sheet

Stash Sale Advance Notices:

Royale Hare is coming to our Stash Sale.   Karen will bring her regular stock of hand dye fibers and yarns as well as some stash specials.   Ask Karen for specifics Royalehare@att.net or 707-579-2344

Spinning Wheels FOR SALE: 

  • Louet Julia, gently used with Woolie Winder and corresponding bobbins, owner Lori, loriperrine@comcast.net
  • Penguin Quill Wheel, $300 - $500 contact Wendy wendyway@gmail.com 415-431-9815
  • Ashford Traditional Wheel, $300 - $500 contact Wendy wendyway@gmail.com 415-431-9815
  • Columbine (original orange), $300 - $500 contact Wendy wendyway@gmail.com 415-431-9815
  • Country Spinner, $300 - $500 contact Wendy wendyway@gmail.com 415-431-9815
  • Antique Parlor Wheel, $300 - $500 contact Wendy wendyway@gmail.com 415-431-9815

Contact Lori about the Louet wheel or Wendy if you cannot wait for the guild meeting/sale or want details and/or pictures of these wheels.

Zero to 60! Petal to the Treadle  Our 60th Anniversary Year Celebration begins October 2014, following our traditional September Stash Sale, with programs dedicated to spinning techniques and yarn structures.  Come prepared to spin thru 2015!

More information is also on our Facebook page.

Guild Meeting Calendar for 2014-15

  • Sept 28     Stash Sale
  • Oct 26      Zero to Sixty, Treadle to the Metal our 60th Anniversary Celebration begins.

Get ready to spin into 2015!

  • Nov 23     
  • Dec 14      St. Fleecia Day Holiday Party, Berkeley, near North Berkeley BART
  • Jan 25, 2015           
  • Feb 22  
  • Mar 22  
  • April 26 
  • May 16-17 Makers Faire spinning demo
  • May 24     Memorial Day weekend
  • June 28     Sit Some, Spin Some Snack Some, Yak Some annual guild picnic and spin in

Other Calendar Listings

  • Sept 6-7 Natural Fiber Fair, Arcata  www.naturalfiberfair.com or 707-599-2729
  • Sept 12-14 California Wool and Fiber Festival, Booneville, CA 707-459-8558 www.fiberfestival.com
  • Sept 20  Exploratorium Homespun Market Days, San Francisco. http://www.exploratorium.edu/visit/calendar/market-days/september-2014
  • Sept 27 Valley Ford Wool Mill Party, Valley Ford  http://valleyfordwoolmill.com/ 707-338-9817
  • Oct 4-5 Lambtown, Dixon CA  http://www.lambtown.org/
  • Oct 11-12 Fiber Fusion, Durham (Chico) CA sugarpinejacobs@yahoo.com http://www.fiber-fusion.org/



CNCH Workshops for the Conference in Asilomar in 2015 have been announced:

Through January 4: Lines on the Horizon Native American textiles and pottery from the Weisel collection.  de Young Museum, 415-750-3600. Regularly scheduled lectures and gallery tours  docent@famsf.org or 415-750-3638. 

Typical Guild Meeting Agenda

11:00 am - Guild Business Meeting (more fun than business -- where all the awesome announcements and events around town are listed, new members introduced, show-and-tell, discussion about issues, etc.)

Noon - lunch break and social hour (bring your bag lunch and make a new friend)

1:00 pm - program (either a guest lecture or group activity)

2:00 or 3:00 pm - program ends


We start a new program year each September with the annual paying of dues.  Dues are now $30 per year for one person or $45 for households or family groups.  Please complete the membership form with full name, street, city, ZIP, home phone, cell phone, email, and family member if paying $45 family rate.  Request USPS mailing address from our guild treasurer

Yearly dues are discounted 50% for new members joining in February to May. Any dues paid in the summer are counted as the new program year.