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S&F turned 50 in 2005







Typical Guild Meeting Agenda

11:00 am - 12:00
Guild Business Meeting (more fun that business -- where all the awesome announcements and events around town are listed, new members introduced, show-and-tell, discussion about issues, etc.)

Lunch break will be combined with our business meeting so that programs can begin at noon.

12:00 pm - Program (either a guest lecture or group activity)

2:00 or 3:00 pm - Meeting ends

Meeting Calendar for 2014-15

Spindles & Flyers Guild is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015 and kicks off with a "Zero to 60" back-to-basics year of programs.

It starts with two sessions; one devoted to cleaning wool and another session about fiber prep.

On October 26, we will be surveying various methods of washing fleeces.  This will be a lecture only (no actual washing) program.  Methods explored will be individual locks, machine washing, "de-stinking" and possibly suint fermentation.  We will also have a discussion of favorite soaps and favorite processors and invite your input.

On November 23, different methods of fiber prep will be demonstrated with round-robin participation.  You'll learn the basics of hand carding, drum carding, combing and flicking.

Both these programs are preparatory to our slate of "how to spin the yarn you want" programs in the new year.  Stay tuned for firmer details about the following sessions.

December 14 - St. Fleecia Holiday Party
January 25 - Short Draw Spinning
February 22 - Long Draw Spinning
March 22 - Spinning Singles
April 19 - Plying
May 24 - Spinning to Specification