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About Spindles & Flyers

Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild is a local group for people who spin yarns.  We also weave, knit, crochet, felt, tat, sprang, learn, teach, share and love all types of textiles. 

Spinning, like any craft, takes time to master and can be very satisfying.  We can help get you started and hope you enjoy spinning as much as we do.  We can answer your questions, help you find equipment and supplies, and connect with other spinners.  We seek opportunities to demonstrate spinning and teach others to spin using spindles with repurposed compact disks (CDs) as whorls. 

We started spinning around 1955 in Berkeley with wheel maker Anthony Cardarelle and weaver / dyer Frances Siminoff.  They moved their studio to Richmond when BART was built through Berkeley. 

We welcome interested people to our monthly meetings, September through June, often on the fourth Sunday of the month.  Occasionally we request a non-member fee at certain meetings.

Meetings: Usually but not always at
Fairmount Clubhouse, 716 Lexington Ave, El Cerrito
near San Pablo & Central Ave and within walking distance
from El Cerrito BART
Doors open at 11AM.
A typical Guild meeting begins with a business meeting. This is the time for announcements, listing of upcoming events, introducing new members, welcoming of visitors, and the oooing & awwwing of show-and-tell. In 2014-2015 we are going to combine lunch with the business meeting. Most people bring a sack lunch, but others might run out and grab something from the nearby El Cerrito Plaza. This is a good time to mingle and meet people. At noon, the featured program will begin. The program is either a guest lecturer or a workshop-type of activity. The program usually will last one or two hours. People generally wander home no later than 3pm.

Membership: Dues are $30 per year per person or $45 per household, payable each September.  Membership includes monthly newsletter with calendar of fiber events, access to our library, drum carder and picker, and registration at member rates to CNCH conference each spring.

Please complete the membership form with full name, street, city, ZIP, home phone, cell phone, email, and family member if paying $45 family rate. Request USPS mailing address from our guild treasurer.
Request Newsletter: newsletter  A copy is sent as PDF attachment via email or USPS

Our group belongs to CNCH, the Conference for Northern California Hand Weavers, Spinners, Dyers and Basketmakers, a regional organization dedicated to fiber arts that hosts a conference each spring. 


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